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An image is indeed worth a thousand words.
It conveys a mood, a moment in time ?and elicits a response from the onlooker.
Based in Rio de Janeiro and Paris, Amos Zezmer has been roving the world for over a decade in pursuit of those special images, which have appeared in editorial and publicity markets that literally span the globe.
In addition to providing stock imagery, Amos Zezmer specializes in photojournalistic travel pieces, or whatever the client might require. Over the past decade, he has been a contributor to publications such as Ventura, Manchete, Revista Geográfica Universal, EleEla, Horizonte Geográfico and Conecta, to name a few.
For usage and pricing information ?as well as an image catalog ?kindly contact Keystone, Omni-Photo Communications, Scope, the Phoenix Gallery or Amos Zezmer directly.
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